The Honorary Internationals category consists of international boxers who although weren't Australian, made a major contribution to Australian boxing.
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Jack Johnson
2003 Induction

Freddie Dawson
2003 Induction

Sam Langford
2004 Induction

Archie Moore
2005 Induction

Bob Fitzsimmons
2006 Induction

Tod Morgan
2007 Induction

Ted "Kid" Lewis
2007 Induction

Tommy Burns
2009 Induction

Jimmy Clabby
2010 Induction

Clarence Reeves "The Alabama Kid"
2011 Induction

Joe Bugner
2012 Induction

Harry Stone
2013 Induction

Jem Mace
2014 Induction

Eugene Criqui
2015 Induction

Eddie McGoorty
2016 Induction

Fritz Holland
2017 Induction

Lovemore N'Dou
2018 Induction