The Pioneers category consists of boxer's who's careers were predominately in the early stages of the Australian ring (up to 1899).
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Young Griffo
2003 Induction

Larry Foley
2003 Induction

Peter Jackson
2004 Induction

Frank Slavin
2005 Induction

Joe Goddard
2006 Induction

Jim Hall
2007 Induction

Jim Barron
2007 Induction

Bill Farnan
2008 Induction

Jack McGowan
2008 Induction

Bill Doherty
2009 Induction

Tim Hegarty
2010 Induction

Dan Creedon
2011 Induction

Peter Felix
2012 Induction

Mick Dooley
2013 Induction

Otto Cribb
2014 Induction

Herb McKell
2015 Induction

Jim Burge
2016 Induction

George Dawson
2017 Induction

James "Tut" Ryan
2018 Induction